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Temple Israel, Salisbury, NC welcomes those seeking Jewish worship, learning, and fellowship. Our worship format is based on Reform Judaism, enriched by the entire Judaic fabric of culture and history. We strongly believe in creating a place and space for spiritual growth, drawing upon the many rich and varied traditions of Judaism. We honor the values, education, tradition, and culture that are contemporary as well as historical… responsive to our lives in the 21st century.

Our practice of Jewish values is encouraged through diversity and exploration in learning. All individuals and families who are interested in Jewish practice are welcomed. We promote a sense of belonging and acceptance within the congregation and the community at large.

Would you like to learn more about Judaism? Maybe you’ve been away for a while and are searching for a new home? Would you like for your children to have a religious background steeped in history and Judaic culture? Come and join the community in Salisbury and surrounding areas. We would love to welcome and meet you.